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My Empowerment Quest
Vince Morales, Founder,
My Empowerment Quest 
Self-Image Mastery

E-Course: $35

This program is a study of happy and successful living through the understanding of the self-image and the role it plays in our lives.

This Self-Image Mastery program is packed with great information and rich insights into how to live a truly rich and rewarding life, but it is also intensely practical.

Maxwell Maltz said, “The most important psychological discovery of the 20th century is the discovery of the self-image” 

One of the reasons that the discovery of the Self-Image is so important is because it is so easy for everyone to understand. Anyone who reads about the Self-Image or hears the concepts taught can grasp the significance of the power of the self-concept or Self-Image. And because it is easy to understand, it is easy to implement; you don’t need a doctorate in psychology to re-engineer your own Self-Image to help you enjoy a more prosperous and successful life.


Most will readily agree that their mind has far more power and far more potential than they are currently making use of. But if you ask them how to make use of these tremendous untapped reservoirs of talent and ability they have no idea.

The most powerful computer in the universe will do you no good if you don’t know how to use its enormous power for your own ends. And if you don’t know how to operate the computer, it is useless to you. Understanding the power of the Self-Image gives you a user manual for the mind. A manual that is simple to grasp, easy to understand, and most importantly of all; easy to implement in your life right now, wherever you are at.

Rise Above E-course

E-Course: $35

The truth is that mindset has everything to do with perspective. Our foundational beliefs, attitudes and biases naturally affect the way we process information and experience the world around us. Having an optimistic mindset increases the likelihood of formulating a winning perspective and achieving long-term success. 

No matter what it is you want to achieve in life, or how you hope things are going to turn out – it all starts with your mind. That is to say, that your mind – and your mind set more specifically – is responsible for how successful you are in any given career or pursuit, how others see you, your health, your physical strength and even how happy you are with what you have accomplished. Any change you want to create in your life starts with the decision to make that change. That alone is enough to mean that all change necessarily must come from within to begin with. It is then your conviction about that change that ensures you’re able to accomplish it, your planning and your determination. And finally, it is your perception of that change that determines whether or not you are content with it. 

What You Can Expect in This Course:

  • 7 sessions that include video lessons, discussion notes, and quizzes. 

  • Sessions include: Identifying your Limiting Beliefs, an Introduction to Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness & CBT, Mental Models & Making Distinctions for Success, Understanding How the Brain Works, and more!

  • Proceed at your pace until the course is concluded.

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Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich


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