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As a certified professional coach, I work with many clients and offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual. In a supportive atmosphere, I help clients identify limiting beliefs and mental models, and then we make distinctions necessary to attain the professional and personal growth transformation they desire. I also integrate the iceberg (systemic thinking) model when working with clients in a consulting aspect. 


My coaching sessions are predominately through video conferencing (Zoom). However, scheduling in-person sessions with San Diego county clients is an option.

Typically, I start with an initial assessment to clearly define short and long-term goals, everything from communication skills to personal acceptance and limiting beliefs and perspectives that may hinder your progress. This helps me as a coach to identify where your mindset is. I specialize in the following areas: 


  • 1-1 Coaching

  • Maxwell DISC Method Behavioral/Personality Analysis & Assessment 

  • Career Coaching/Consulting & Career Transition (and mindset)

  • Adaptability Quotient/Resiliency Coaching

  • Mindset Mastery

  • Leadership Coaching & Consulting    

  • Group Coaching

  • Certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Self-Image Mastery

  • Eye Motion Integration (EMI)

  • Mind Shifting

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Certification pending May 2024) 

Coaching Retainer

Our Retainer Commitment Path consists of a six-month (three structured coaching sessions each month) as part of your coaching package. In between those sessions, we give you the opportunity to connect with your life empowerment coach through unlimited “Laser Coaching.” Laser coaching is five to ten minutes of support in between each of your three monthly sessions. Laser coaching is done by phone, email, text messaging. Social messaging can be another vehicle for laser coaching. We believe the addition of laser coaching helps the clients we serve feel uniquely supported during the coaching process. We should clarify right here, this is life empowerment coaching, not counseling.

Many life coaching clients have had the opportunity to invest in the lives of others, this includes children, family and spouses, and even some friends. Sometimes these investment opportunities take a toll with very little return on investment to show for their time and financial investment. A time comes when it's time to invest in yourself! By investing in yourself on a monthly basis, you plant the seed of personal commitment and begin the process of adding value to yourself, your personal development, and even emotional and spiritual development. The Retainer Commitment Path is based on a six-month commitment that is focused on creating value for your own personal well-being.


The Benefits of the Monthly Retainer Coaching Program:

  • You receive a sense of personal support all month long throughout your six-month empowerment commitment.

  • It allows you to go deeper in the application and execution of your newly discovered and acquired life principles.

  • Your 6-month commitment will help you understand to a greater degree the journey we will travel together through your transformational and empowerment process.

  • (3) one-hour coaching sessions per month

  • The transformational and empowering change will be gradual and therefore lasting. The process of success will depend on the newly developed foundations in your life and through the renewing of your mindset or paradigms.

  • Structured sessions developed to create authentic transformation in people’s lives.

  • Powerful relationships are established between the coach and client.

  • Empowerment and growth development questionnaire with personalized feedback

  • Weekly updates through email

  • Personal assessment

  • Unlimited email support

  • Laser coaching via phone, email, text, or social messaging.


Information shared by you during your individual life coaching sessions will be treated with strict confidentiality and is protected to the full extent of the law. The information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the practice without your written permission, except under the following limited conditions.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

There are exceptions to confidentiality. If it is clear to the coach that there is potential harm to you or someone else, the coach is required by law to take steps to protect any potential victim. If a child, or elder, is being abused and this becomes known in a coaching session, the coach is required to act. If the record of any coaching session is requested by court order, it must be given to the court.

Contact us for more information about a coaching retainer

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