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"5 Evidence-Based Tips to Develop Stronger Minds" by Larae Quy

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, I learned to survive by being scrappy enough to make-do and hungry enough to keep moving. Department stores were big buildings in places 100 miles away, and if a rattlesnake came between me and where I wanted to go, guess who came out on top?

As a kid, I learned a lot about mental toughness. When I joined the FBI, I learned even more. My defensive tactics and firearms training drilled one thing into me: never choke when faced with an obstacle that looks bigger, meaner, or uglier than you. In other words, always be game-ready so you can have the mental toughness to rebound from disappointments and missed opportunities. Our coaches trained us to have a hardiness for enduring the downside of a situation.

Entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners have tough situations to face in today’s competitive environment. They need to be game-ready meet those challenges with their best mental game.

Here are 5 evidence-based tips on how to develop strong minds:

DEVELOP STRONGER MINDS #1 - Set A Super Clear Goal Research confirms that the more specific your goal, the better you will perform. General goals are too vague to take the time at the very beginning to think it through so it will become more clear to you. The goal must be real and important for you to achieve. Do not speculate—that will do nothing but waste your time and valuable energy.

TIPS: - Define your need and really mean it. - Describe in detail exactly what you want. - List what you want—it will help you visualize your success. - Define what will interfere in achieving your goal. - Determine the starting point. - Establish a time frame for achieving your goal. - Break down the tasks necessary for completion. - Tell others what you plan to do.