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Are You Mentally Strong?

How do you picture a mentally strong person? Is it a person who has a strong voice and seems to be worldly knowledgeable? Or is it the person who holds medals and trophies and seems to be a winner in everything?

Perhaps you cannot identify yourself as a mentally strong person because you don’t have what they do. You are just a regular person, or at least that’s how you see yourself.

Being recognized does not instantly confirm you to be a mentally strong person. Likewise, the absence of external validation does not make you weak-minded either.

You may be surprised to find out that you already do have the characteristics of a mentally strong person. See if you can identify with any of the following.

You Are Humble

It is easy and tempting to boast about abilities and achievements. Sometimes, we feel the need for recognition from others for our efforts. But, isn’t it a great feeling when someone acknowledges or praises your efforts without your announcing them? When you don’t even have to do it yourself as somebody else will carry your torch for you.

It is even better again when you don’t need vindication from others. When you know that what you do is meaningful, and more importantly, that you are a worthwhile person, this is mental strength. You do not need to flaunt your competence. From this mind space, you naturally recognize and acknowledge the people who helped you achieve your success.

Being humble also involves admitting your mistakes and accepting the consequences. You know that doing so does not make you less of a person. On the contrary, facing the consequences of your shortcomings proves you a strong-minded person and gives you the opportunity to make up for what you did. You defend yourself but do not blame others in order to cover up your shortcomings.

You Are Forgiving of Yourself and Others

If admitting mistakes is a sign of mental strength, so is forgiving one’s self. You accept that you have your limitations and that even the most prepared and most capable can still fall short of their own expectations. Despite any setbacks, you have the courage to stand up again. You do not define yourself by your perceived failures.