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Stress and Motivation: How Pressure Affects People Differently & 7 Keys to Dealing With It

We have all been there. The deadline is looming, and we have barely begun to work. We all recognize that feeling in the pit of our stomach as we settle down to work. But does pressure have to lead to stress? And what does stress do to our motivation and focus?

Stressed Sick

We know that stress from psychological pressure affects our bodies. It leads to higher blood pressure, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms. It also makes it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. If you are feeling pressure at work, and it is leading to stress, then you are not at your most effective. You might be missing deadlines or making mistakes, or even worried yourself sick and had to take a personal day. All these things can be caused by stress from psychological pressure.

Mounting Motivation

Motivation under pressure is an excellent skill to have, but like other skills, it takes practice to get better. This website is full of positive suggestions and helpful hints for getting better at handling stress caused by pressure. The most important thing you can do is learn to cope because with positive coping mechanisms we see the stress melt away, and in its place, there are a host of positive benefits of working under pressure.

Performing Under Pressure

When you have mastered your stress levels and learn to perform under pressure you might notice a few things. You will keep a cooler head in demanding situations, thinking clearly when others around you are flailing wildly at the thought of some terrible outcome. You will notice that your leadership skills improve and that people turn to you in a crisis. You might also see that you perform better under pressure, because of the positive coping mechanisms that you have mastered.

People who perform under pressure are in huge demand in every industry. Whether you are at the office or behind a counter, performance under stress will lead to promotions and positive feedback. Every employer on Earth wants to find someone who can keep a cool head under pressure, and with a little bit of practice and some positive habits that someone could easily be you.

Easy Steps to Visualize Your Way to Less Pressure

The fast pace of life and the never-ending pressure to meet deadlines is the leading cause of stress-related conditions. The workplace has also become a high-pressure environment with employers demanding more from their workers.