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The Power of Being "On A Mission"

The power of being on a mission and you refuse to be stopped.

I’m sure you know people who are highly motivated and driven. It seems that no matter what they work on, whether it is a task in their job/business or doing something around the house, that there is a sense of purpose and “mission” to what they do.

They want to do their very best. They have purpose and deliberateness behind their actions. They exude an attractive kind of confidence that draws you in.

On the other hand, I’m sure you also know people who seem to be going through the motions. It usually spreads to all areas of their life. They kind of just do the bare minimum at work and when they get home, they do just enough to make it to the sofa so they can spend the rest of the evening watching TV.

A conversation with a person like this usually results in spending a lot of time and energy focusing on what’s wrong with life, a search for things to complain about. The bad news is that this second type of personality is easy to fall into. You can become passive and uninterested in life and within a few days of practicing this form of behaviour, it can quickly become a habit.

"Think about how YOU can develop a sense of mission in your life. A sense of purpose that propels you forward and prevents you from dipping into a rut that will only end up frustrating you in the long run." - Vince Morales

The good news is that the FIRST type of personality is just as easy to “fall” into. The only difference is you have to elevate yourself to that level. It doesn’t just “happen” by default.