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5 Self-Assertiveness Strategies to Help You Reclaim Your Domain

As you seek success in your business, love life, or any other venture, it helps to take stock of your level of self-assertiveness. Assertiveness is the ability to honestly express yourself without undue self-doubt or anxiety.

If others think they can walk all over you, they tend to view you in a negative light. While some are born assertive, for others self-assertiveness is a cultivated skill.

Learn how to become more self-assertive by following these steps:

1. Identify your boundaries. The very first step to mastering self-assertiveness is figuring out where to draw the line.How much abuse are you willing to take?

· Be honest with yourself and avoid letting self-doubt stop you from defining new boundaries.

· Start by writing down where you draw the line in various situations, and pay attention to your internal reactions. Recall past situations in which you let someone go too far. How did you feel? At what point could you have put your foot down?

· Research has shown that when you externalize your thought process by writing things down, you’ll have a better chance of making a lasting impact on your future behavior.

2. Forgive wisely. Although the ability to forgive is important for your well-being, it’s possible to go too far.

· If you continually forgive someone for their bad behavior, they’re more likely to offend again. This is usually the continued result "forgiving and forgetting." We should continue to forgive. But equally, hold accountable. Parasitic personalities, when they realize they can hurt you with impunity, will do so.

· One way you can empower yourself is to cut ties with the toxic individuals in your life. Whil